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Our 10 Best Kelis Songs Of All Time looks at an American singer, songwriter, and chef who was born Kelis Rogers on August 21, 1979, in Harlem, New York City. Her early years were steeped in the arts, thanks to her mother, who encouraged her to pursue music as a career. Kelis’s unique blend of R&B, hip-hop, and electronic music has made her a standout artist in the music industry.

Kelis burst onto the music scene with her debut album Kaleidoscope in 1999. Her first single, “Caught Out There,” became a hit and was known for its raw emotion and catchy chorus. This introduction set the tone for her career, showcasing her distinctive style and fearless approach to music. Since then, Kelis has released six studio albums, including Wanderland (2001), Tasty (2003), and Food (2014), each displaying her versatility and growth as an artist.

Kelis’s music is characterized by its boundary-pushing creativity and her refusal to be pigeonholed into one genre. Her work often incorporates elements of R&B, hip-hop, soul, and electronic music, drawing inspiration from artists like Lauryn Hill and Missy Elliott. In turn, Kelis has inspired a new generation of artists with her bold, genre-blending style, influencing musicians like Janelle Monáe and H.E.R.

Kelis’s significance in the music business extends beyond her innovative music. She has been recognized with various awards and nominations throughout her career, including a BRIT Award and two Grammy nominations. Her song “Milkshake” from the album Tasty became a cultural phenomenon and brought her mainstream success.

What endears Kelis to her fans is her authenticity and her ability to constantly reinvent herself while staying true to her artistic vision. She has also garnered attention for her culinary skills, further showcasing her diverse talents.

10 – Trick Me

We open up with a Kelis song with a groove that will make you sweat baby. I love this one. She is smoking hot in the video. Dont miss it. “Trick Me” was released on March 17, 2004, and is from Kelis’ third studio album, Tasty. This song, written by Dallas Austin, showcases Kelis’ ability to blend hip-hop with funk and soul. That’s what I’m talking about. With its catchy hook and Kelis’ unique vocal style, the track became a hit for its empowering lyrics and groovy beat. “Trick Me” is loved for its playful vibe and stands out as a testament to Kelis’ versatility as an artist. Its sound, reminiscent of early 2000s R&B and funk, aligns with the influences of artists like Missy Elliott and OutKast.

9 – Get Along With You

Released on July 17, 2000, “Get Along with You” is a single from Kelis’ debut album Kaleidoscope. The song was composed by Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo of The Neptunes, who also produced the track. Kelis’ ethereal vocals over the mellow, electronic beat create a unique sound that diverged from mainstream R&B of the time. Fans admire this song for its emotional depth and avant-garde production, which has drawn comparisons to the works of Björk and Aaliyah. It holds a special place for showcasing Kelis’ artistic range early in her career.

8 – Rumble

“Rumble,” from Kelis’ sixth studio album Food, was released on April 14, 2014. This track, written by Kelis Rogers and Dave Sitek, stands out for its blend of soul, blues, and indie elements. The song’s raw, emotional lyrics, combined with a minimalist production, showcase a different side of Kelis’ artistry. Fans appreciate “Rumble” for its honest lyrical content and its divergence from Kelis’ earlier, more upbeat tracks, reflecting the influence of classic soul and blues artists.

7 – Bossy

Released on April 17, 2006, “Bossy” is from Kelis’ fourth album Kelis Was Here. Featuring rapper Too $hort and produced by Bangladesh, the song was written by Kelis, Shondrae Crawford, Sean Garrett, and Todd Shaw. “Bossy” became an anthem for female empowerment and is celebrated for its confident lyrics and catchy beat. The track’s blend of hip-hop and dance-pop elements resonates with fans, reminding them of artists like Lil’ Kim and Missy Elliott, who also embody strong, empowered personas in their music.

6 – Caught Out There

Released on September 20, 1999, “Caught Out There” marked Kelis’ debut single from her album Kaleidoscope. The song, written and produced by The Neptunes, is known for its raw emotion and the famous chorus shout, “I hate you so much right now!” This track introduced Kelis to the world with a bang, showcasing her unique voice and style. Fans love “Caught Out There” for its boldness and its fusion of R&B with a more aggressive, almost punk-like energy.

5 – Acapella

“Acapella,” a single from Kelis’ fifth studio album Flesh Tone, was released on February 23, 2010. Composed by Kelis, David Guetta, and Jean Baptiste, and produced by Guetta, the song represents a shift to electronic and dance music for Kelis. This track is celebrated for its uplifting lyrics about motherhood and its energetic, club-ready beat. Fans appreciate “Acapella” for its positive message and the way it seamlessly blends dance music with Kelis’ soulful vocals, reminiscent of the work of artists like David Guetta and Calvin Harris.

4 – 4th of July (Fireworks)

Released on May 11, 2010, “4th of July (Fireworks)” is from the album Flesh Tone. Written by Kelis, Jean Baptiste, Damien Leroy, and co-produced by DJ Ammo, this song is a vibrant blend of dance and electronic music. The track is known for its infectious beat and celebratory lyrics. Fans enjoy “4th of July (Fireworks)” for its energetic rhythm and the way it showcases Kelis’ ability to create dance anthems, drawing parallels to the styles of electronic artists like Swedish House Mafia and Tiësto.

3 – Good Stuff

“Good Stuff,” released on December 28, 1999, is from Kelis’ debut album Kaleidoscope. This track, featuring Terrar of Clipse and produced by The Neptunes, is a smooth blend of R&B and hip-hop. Fans love “Good Stuff” for its laid-back vibe and catchy chorus, along with Kelis’ distinctive vocal style. It exemplifies the innovative production style of The Neptunes and echoes the influence of 90s hip-hop and R&B artists.

2 – Young, Fresh n’ New

“Young, Fresh n’ New,” released on October 8, 2001, is from Kelis’ second album Wanderland. Produced by The Neptunes and written by Kelis Rogers and Pharrell Williams, this song is a fusion of hip-hop, funk, and electronic music. The track is known for its futuristic sound and Kelis’ assertive vocals. Fans appreciate “Young, Fresh n’ New” for its innovative sound, which was ahead of its time, and its reflection of Kelis’ fearless approach to music, resonating with the works of Missy Elliott and Timbaland.

1 – Milkshake

“Milkshake,” Kelis’ most iconic song, was released on August 25, 2003, from her third album Tasty. Produced by The Neptunes (Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo) and written by the same duo along with Kelis, this track stands out for its catchy hook and playful lyrics. The song’s blend of R&B and hip-hop with a danceable beat made it a cultural phenomenon. It’s loved for its fun, confident vibe and has been referenced widely in popular culture, influencing artists across various genres.

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