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Scarface Songs

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Scarface is an iconic figure in the music industry, particularly within the realm of hip-hop which is what this site is all about. Renowned for his vivid storytelling, deep, introspective lyrics, and influential role in the Southern rap scene, Scarface has carved out a significant place in music history, making him one of the most respected figures in the genre.

Scarface’s significance in the music business stems from his pioneering work with the Geto Boys and his impactful solo career, which has contributed to shaping the sound and narrative depth of hip-hop. His contributions have been recognized with awards and nominations, including several Source Awards and a BET Hip Hop Awards’ “I Am Hip Hop” Icon Award, underscoring his enduring influence and legacy in the industry.

His career trajectory took a defining turn with the release of his debut solo album, “Mr. Scarface Is Back,” in 1991, following his impactful work with the Geto Boys. Over his career, Scarface has released a total of eleven studio albums, along with compilations and collaborative projects, each showcasing his evolution as an artist and his commitment to addressing complex emotional and social issues through his music.

Influenced by the likes of Ice Cube, KRS-One, and Rakim, Scarface’s music is characterized by its narrative depth, emotional honesty, and social commentary, setting a precedent for future generations of rappers. His pioneering work has inspired a multitude of artists, particularly in the Southern hip-hop scene, influencing the likes of T.I., Ludacris, and many others who have cited him as a key influence in their development as artists.

Here now are our ten favorite songs by Scarface.

10 – I Seen a Man Die

“I Seen a Man Die” was released on November 1, 1994, as part of Scarface’s third studio album, The Diary. Composed by Scarface (Brad Jordan) and producer N.O. Joe, the song is a poignant narrative that delves into themes of life, death, and redemption. This track stands out for its storytelling prowess, with Scarface’s vivid lyrics painting a stark picture of the harsh realities of street life.

The song is celebrated for its deep emotional impact and Scarface’s ability to convey complex narratives through his music. “I Seen a Man Die” resonates with listeners for its introspective content and the raw honesty in Scarface’s delivery. It’s a significant track that showcases his skill as a lyricist and his influence on the genre, particularly in the realm of gangsta rap.

9 – Smile

“Smile,” featuring 2Pac and Johnny P, was released on March 3, 1997, from Scarface’s fourth album, The Untouchable. The song, composed by Scarface, 2Pac, and producer Mike Dean, is a powerful collaboration that addresses themes of struggle, hope, and the pursuit of happiness amidst adversity.

This track is notable for its poignant lyrics and the collaboration between two of hip-hop’s most influential figures. “Smile” is beloved for its uplifting message and the seamless blend of Scarface’s gritty realism with 2Pac’s poetic introspection. The song achieved chart success, peaking at number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100, solidifying its status as a standout track in Scarface’s discography.

8 – Mary Jane

“Mary Jane” was released on August 7, 1997, as part of the album The Untouchable. This song, composed by Scarface and producer Tone Capone, showcases a lighter, more laid-back side of Scarface, with a focus on the pleasures and pitfalls of marijuana use.

The track stands out for its smooth beat and Scarface’s storytelling, which combines humor with a nuanced look at substance use. “Mary Jane” resonates with fans for its relatable content and Scarface’s ability to mix social commentary with entertainment, making it a unique entry in his body of work.

7 – On My Block

“On My Block,” released on September 16, 2002, from the album The Fix, is one of Scarface’s most beloved tracks. The song, composed by Scarface and producers The Alchemist and Mike Dean, is a nostalgic ode to Scarface’s upbringing and the neighborhood that shaped him.

This track is celebrated for its soulful sample and reflective lyrics, which paint a vivid picture of community life. “On My Block” struck a chord with listeners for its heartfelt homage to Scarface’s roots, and its success on the charts, peaking at number 34 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, reflects its widespread appeal.

6 – Guess Who’s Back

“Guess Who’s Back,” featuring Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel, was released on April 9, 2002, as part of The Fix. The song, composed by Scarface, Kanye West, and producers Kanye West and Mike Dean, is a triumphant track that celebrates Scarface’s return to the music scene.

This song is notable for its stellar collaborations and the dynamic interplay between the artists’ verses. “Guess Who’s Back” is a fan favorite for its energetic beat, catchy hook, and the sense of camaraderie among the featured artists, making it a highlight in Scarface’s career.

5 – Never Seen a Man Cry

“Never Seen a Man Cry,” also known as “I Seen a Man Die,” from the album The Diary, is another iteration of Scarface’s introspective storytelling. Released on November 1, 1994, the song delves into the final moments of a man’s life, reflecting on the consequences of a life of violence.

The track’s emotional depth and Scarface’s vivid lyricism make it a powerful piece that resonates with listeners for its raw portrayal of mortality and redemption. “Never Seen a Man Cry” is a testament to Scarface’s ability to explore profound themes through his music, cementing his status as a master storyteller in hip-hop.

4 – Hand of the Dead Body

“Hand of the Dead Body,” featuring Ice Cube and Devin the Dude, was released on October 18, 1994, as part of The Diary. The song, composed by Scarface, Ice Cube, and producer N.O. Joe, addresses media portrayal of gangsta rap and its impact on society.

This track stands out for its critical message and the collaboration between Scarface and Ice Cube, two influential voices in hip-hop. “Hand of the Dead Body” is praised for its insightful commentary and the compelling way it challenges stereotypes, making it a significant song in Scarface’s catalog.

3 – My Block

“My Block,” released as part of the 2002 album The Fix, is a variation of “On My Block,” offering a slightly different perspective on the same themes of community and upbringing. The song’s heartfelt narrative and soulful production resonate with listeners, further showcasing Scarface’s talent for painting vivid pictures of life in his music.

This track reinforces Scarface’s connection to his roots and his ability to evoke nostalgia and reflection through his lyrics, making “My Block” a beloved song among fans for its authenticity and emotional depth.

2 – No Tears

“No Tears,” from the 1994 album The Diary, is a stark, introspective track that explores the psychological toll of living a life surrounded by violence and hardship. Released on October 18, 1994, the song, composed by Scarface and producer N.O. Joe, is notable for its haunting narrative and Scarface’s raw, emotive delivery.

This song matters for its unflinching look at the realities of street life, with Scarface’s storytelling drawing listeners into a world of pain and resilience. “No Tears” is a powerful piece that showcases Scarface’s ability to convey deep emotional truths, making it one of his most impactful songs.

1 – The Diary

“The Diary,” the title track from the critically acclaimed 1994 album, encapsulates the themes and style that define Scarface’s music. Released on October 18, 1994, the song is a culmination of Scarface’s introspective lyricism and his ability to craft compelling narratives within his tracks.

This song is revered for its storytelling, which weaves together personal reflection and commentary on broader social issues. “The Diary” stands as a quintessential Scarface track, showcasing his skill as a lyricist and his influence on the genre, particularly in shaping the narrative depth and emotional complexity of gangsta rap.

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